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We collect design requirements from you the customer, every project starts with a thought, Adeniyi Design aims to take that conception and turn it into a reality.

+ A structural framework is implemented to correspond to the design requirements.+
The most important feature of a web application is it's functionality. Too often we tend to get carried away with how nice a website may look. Not to discount the fact that good looks have there merits we at Adeniyi Design take pride in ensuring that our sites comply to current standards, are accessible and run smoothly. Once the structural framework for the application is achieved artwork can be applied accordingly.

+ Pre build design drafts+
At this stage of the design process mockups of the web application are developed to be shown to you the customer, to ensure you're happy with how the end product will be delivered. This stage is commonly iterative. Here you have the opportunity to refine the requirements or request changes to the layout of the application. Once a solid understanding is reached the actual development of the working system can begin.

An overview of the Build process - The build process involves the swift and precise development of your web application to our agreed specification.

An overview of the Deployment process - This involves the hosting options avaliable once you web application is ready to go live.
(Placed actively on the internet).

An overview of the Maintainance process - All good websites need a fresh breathe of air and a good spring clean to keep the signs of aging away. Daily, Weekly and monthly updates to your sites content can be arranged if required.


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